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Department of Microelectronics - Labs

University of Niš, Faculty of Electronic Eng.



The Department is engaged in several overlapping areas of research, which are mainly conducted within the laboratories.

Our members have been published more than thousand research papers in conferences and journals, as well as many textbooks. They are also participants on several domestic and international research projects. Department is also responsible for the organization of recognized International Conference on Microelectronics MIEL.

Laboratory for Device Characterization

This laboratory is aimed at investigating the reliability and electrical characterization of microelectronic devices, integrated circuits and systems. The laboratory is furnished with advanced equipment for device testing, measurements of electrical characteristics and functionality diagnostics of electron devices and integrated circuits in both static and dynamic regimes over the wide ranges of operation voltages, frequencies and temperatures. The current research activities in the laboratory include investigation, characterization and analysis of the effects of various means of bias and bias-temperature stressing in MOS transistors and other devices, as well as the analysis and development of appropriate models of the physical processes responsible for the effects observed in devices under investigation.

Laboratory for Electrical Materials

This laboratory is dealing with micro-structural and electrical characteristics of materials, including development of the me-thods for determination of electrical, ferrolectric and ferromagnetic properties of the materials. The laboratory features the equipment for measuring the materials' electrical resistance and their dielectric and magnetic characteristics, as well as the materials' contact properties. It is possible to measure the temperature and frequency characteristics of almost all types of materials over the wide temeprature and frequency ranges. The Laboratory for Electrical Materials is tightly connected to a Laboratory for Electron Microscopy of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Niš.

Laboratory for Modeling and Simulation of Microelectronic Devices and Microsystems (MICROSIM)

The basic aim of this laboratory is to develop process and device models of microelectronic devices and microsystems by using several advanced Technology Computer Aided (TCAD) systems.

Laboratory for Applied Physics

This laboratory is aimed at merged research in the areas of physics and electronics. The fundamental research includes investiga-tion of radiation and post-radiation effects in MOS transistors, as well as the mechanisms and processes observed in various types ionizing radiation dosimeters. Additionally, investigations of the processes in low-pressure gases, characterization of X-ray effects, and analysis and modeling of optoelectronic processes in THz frequency range, are included as well. Last but not the least, the laboratory is dealing with development of appropriate measurement and data acquisition systems for evaluation and control of the above processes, including the realization of measurement and data acquisition system prototypes that could be used not only for the research purposes but would also have the practical/commercial applications. Read more ...
Keithley analyzer

Laboratory for Vacuum Technique

This laboratory is dealing with research on fundamental processes in gases. The spectroscopic and electric breakdown detection methods are employed in the research. The research work is tightly connected to several projects supported by the Ministry of Science of the Republic of Serbia, and the results have been published in a number of leading scientific journals.

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